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Hon Tara Rivers, MLA

Minister of Financial Services and Home Affairs
Second Elected Member for West Bay


A qualified attorney with extensive international education and training, Tara Rivers was the driving force behind the first comprehensive National Youth Policy for the Cayman Islands (2000).

Currently the Chair of the United World Colleges (Cayman Islands) National Foundation, Ms. Rivers was one of the youngest recipients of the United World College scholarship at age 15.

She has always had a passion for public service. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, she joined the Ministry of Youth, where she formed and led a 28-member task force that developed the National Youth Policy for the Cayman Islands. This blueprint for youth development initiated projects such as the radio programme "This Is How We Do It!" and later "Youth Flex", the National and District Youth Forums, the National Youth Commission, the Youth Parliament and other youth development programmes.

With a MBA and an LLB, Ms. Rivers is eligible to practice law in four jurisdictions.

She has also achieved a number of “firsts” in her life thus far. Most recently she became the first female Cabinet Minister appointed for the district of West Bay. She hopes to continue to inspire young people and women in the Cayman Islands in this regard.

  • Minister: Education, Employment and Gender Affairs
  • Affiliation: Coalition for Cayman
  • District: West Bay

Last Updated 2018-12-05